May 21, 2023: Event over. I think we all agree it was challenging :). Somehow at the end my scoring program didn’t work out like it did at home; that led to confusion at the finish. Even now after a good night’s sleep, I see there was a sorting error that all of us didn’t pick up. It affected the GAMRR teams. You’ll see the scores are the same, but the order is slightly changed. My deepest apologies to Matt Hornbeck and Mark Gaither; they were the actual winners of that GAMRR internal competition! Coming all the way from Maryland you’d have thought I would have given them a better reception. I will send along your winners’ trophies this week (and the winners’ check for 1 million dollars. ha ha). Also, let me especially congratulate the overall winners – Satish Gopalkrishnan and Savera D’Souza. You’d have thought the rally was easy! But we know different and their scores of “0” at all the CP’s show just how good they are. Thanks to everyone for making my layout work worth the time.

May 6, 2023: New Entry List posted. Also RICHTA information. This is important to understand. It describes the timing system. I have added a couple of updated items; and also a way to let you access “Test Summer Challenge” to make sure that you can successfully log onto the Richta Competitor APP. The final Entry list with car numbers will be posted next Sunday; use any car number to access the Test rally. Information on the actual rally log in will be provided at Registration at the start. There will be another post later this week.

April 30, 2023: New Entry List posted. Also SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS applicable to Summer Challenge (use in conjunction with the Challenge General Instructions) have been posted under GENERAL INFO. BTW: There will NOT be a Practice Rally.

April 22, 2023: One month to the event. Each Saturday evening I’ll post new entry lists and updates.

APRIL 16, UPDATE. Please see slight revision to the SOP Class rules:

“No calculating device of any kind may be used, including ‘rally tables’, that shows you the correct time to arrive at given mileages.   Using one to compute an odo ‘factor’ to convert official mileages to your mileages is allowed”.

April 15, 2023: The General Instructions are posted. You will see that I combined the General Instructions for both Winter and Summer Rallies. Each rally, summer and winter, will also have some instructions specific to each rally called (of all things) SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS. These will be posted in about 10 days. I have also posted some samples of the types of NRI’s to be used on the event.

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