Aug 14, 2022: GREAT event. Thanks to all who took the time and trouble to come up. Hope you’ll look back on the day as an enjoyable, challenging day! Maybe see you in the winter. Either Feb 11 or Feb 25. Stay tuned. Results posted. There was a small mistake in the scoring at Cp 40 (off course) for a few cars that they never caught. It made only one slight change. The Novice winners were actually Mark Malone and Lukey Malone.

Aug 8, 2022: This is the final posting for this year. The TECH form is posted – fill it out and bring it with you. Also, a DRIVER’S BULLETIN #1 (both under GENERAL INFO).

Aug 5, 2022: New Entry list with Car #. Maybe the last. Obviously, summer is a time that many people have many things to do….so rallying is not high on their list of activities.

Also Richta Info is posted under Richta.

.July 30, 2022: Current entry list posted.

July 26, 2022: Sample Route Instructions are now up on this site under SAMPLE ROUTES. Also 2 pages of more helpful info is up under GENERAL INFO. Richta info coming later this week.

July 19, 2022: The General Instructions are now posted. More info on Sample Route Instructions and Richta info coming next week. Get your entries in please; let’s have an event.

July 8, 2022: Summer’s here! 5 entries so far. Glad to have them early. I’ve decided to wait for another week to post the Generals. Gives me a bit more time to finalize things.

One new aspect – especially for Class S competitors that don’t do any actual computation. In the route instructions, at various points during the Regularities, I will show the correct time of arrival. So, without computing anything, you will be able to speed up or slow down as necessary to stay ‘on time’. I think this will add to the enjoyment for many people. You’ll still have to stay ‘on time’ between the given points, but you will be less apt to wander far off the perfect time.


I just did a complete course check. I was struck by how different and more beautiful it was in the summer compared with Winter Challenge. To see the Vermont countryside in the daylight, with all the undergrowth and trees in bloom, was magnificent! Competitors from out of state will appreciate it; those of us living here already know it.

Entry info will be posted here next week.

This year we’re starting form Littleton, New Hampshire and ending just down the road at Team O’Neil’s Rally School. First car at 10 am; finish at 5 pm. A bit longer than normal – more bang for the buck :).

More info will be available here, along with the entry June 1.

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