Nov 20, 2023: 3 months to the event. Sounds early, but I’m starting to plan now.

  • Changes from past years are:
  • Not sure we can use Hollow Inn again; but the start will be in the Barre VT area.
  • We will have two Sections: One from 4 to 8 pm and one from 9 pm-1 am. Thus, the finish will be 1 hour earlier.
  • I’ve been asked about an SOP Class: Standard odo and no computation equipment. I’ll put that on the Entry Form. If there are 5 entries, we’ll have a Class; if not we’ll incorporate the entries with Class S. (I personally like the idea; I think there are competitors that don’t want to compute.) Along these lines here’s a new idea I’ve incorporated in the rally:


The route instructions will contain, at various NRI’s, the correct time from the start of each RS to that point (called PERFECT Time points).  This time will be indicated as a time in minutes and seconds (see sample route instructions on the website).   On the event, look ahead (perhaps at the start of an RS) and use your arithmetic to calculate and write down what your time of passage should be at these points.  When you pass the points, you can use each of these times to adjust your driving, sort of like a ‘mini restart’.  I can’t stress how important and helpful this is for competitors that don’t compute; scores of less than 10 seconds a control should be possible.  Your enjoyment level of the rally will be increased.

  • The Rally is at the start of President’s Week; that means the hotels will be more expensive :(. Here’s an idea for ‘nonlocal’ people. Check out the hotels in White River Junction, VT. There are a couple at $100 a night. So, you could stay Friday and Saturday night in one place. After the rally it’s only 40 minutes from Barre to WRJ. And with the rally ending early than normal, you’d still be at the hotel by 3. If you want to be right near the start, there is also a Comfort Inn right at the Barre exit off I 89.

Oct 25, 2022: For several reasons I’m going to switch the date of WC to Feb 18. Still planning to start in Barre, VT. I’m thinking of 2 legs for the event: 4 pm to 8 pm and 9 pm to 1 am. End a bit earlier.


Oct 20, 2022:

Here’s the date for WC next year. More info here mid-November.

Aug 14, 2022: GREAT event. Thanks to all who took the time and trouble to come up. Hope you’ll look back on the day as an enjoyable, challenging day! Maybe see you in the winter. Either Feb 11 or Feb 25. Stay tuned. Results posted. There was a small mistake in the scoring at Cp 40 (off course) for a few cars that they never caught. It made only one slight change. The Novice winners were actually Mark Malone and Lukey Malone.

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