Dec 1, 2017:  The Entry info has been posted under ENTRY.  It doesn’t print well but I’ll try and fix it.  I’m having trouble with the web {typical for an old guy ;)}

Nov 18, 2017:  Starting to do the route for Feb 2018.  A few items to pass on:

The Rally will start at 4 pm this year (to help those from far away)

The Big Lap Rally attracted some new entrants – RX people for the most part.  So I will continue the trend at Winter Challenge and make it straightforward (and easier than the original WC’s)!  Thinking and concentration will still be important but I doubt that anyone will get lost.  More than half of the rally will be Tulips; two 30 mi sections of maps; and just the first part with written instructions.

The entry blank and entry info will be posted here around 1 Dec.  Class A cars will start first; Class S car start positions will be assigned by receipt of entry.

Any questions you might have just email me:  johnbuffum1@gmail.com

NEW DATE:      Feb. 10, 2018.

More info mid November 2017.


Feb 17, 2017:  With a bit more checking I found a couple of arithmetic errors.  Murdough/Beliveau score = 380.  Brodeur/Everett score = 519.  Chapin/Hermanance score = 1232.  p.s.  I’ll have to be a bit more diligent on scoring preciseness next year.

Feb 15, 2017:  And the overall winners were:  L. Mark Stone and Marc Goldfarb!!  Congratulations!  The winners in Class S were:  Scott Carlson and Phil LaMoreaux!  Full results are under the RESULTS tab.

I have to note that in our haste at 3 am we made a mistake in Class S.  I would like to note that Daniel Praetorius and Colin Roddy were actually second in Class S.  Congrats to them!

And thx to all who came.  The weather and roads were about as good as you could expect.  As a note the GPS control idea worked well; all the units sent back info and with a bit of refinement should work for some controls.  We’ll try them again next year {Oh!  That must mean there will be a 14th event :)}

Feb 7, 2017:  The ENTRY LIST and PRACTICE ROUTE are now posted.  To drive over the Practice Route would take a little more than one hour.  We just got 4 inches of snow; a little rain tomorrow; maybe a bit of snow Saturday.  See you Saturday at the Hollow Inn.

Feb 4, 2017:  The ENTRY IS NOW CLOSED.  More info Monday night.

Feb 1, 2017:  Last Entry List will be next Monday night.  The 1 hour Practice loop will also be posted then.

Feb 1, 2017:  New Entry List


Jan 28, 2017:  Entry as of 1/28/17

Car # Driver Name Navigator Name Class 4WD
  Jon Nichols Brian Maxwell A Y
  Lance Smith Ralph Beckman A Y
  David Alspaugh Andrew Bennet S Y
  Booth Potter Tyler Gagne S N
  Radim Hlidek Tuan Tran A Y
  Eric Salminen Peter Schneider A Y
  Fritz Senftleber Alan Matson S N
  Christopher Wright Jeff Gunn S Y
  Daniel Fouquette Jacob Burtdell S Y
  Daniel Praetorius Colin Roddy S Y
  Peter Monin Chris Preston S Y
  Nicholas Magner Reeve Chilton S Y
  Alex Kuhner Philip Mueller S Y
  Kathy Moody Samara Coble S Y
  Mark Stone Marc Goldfarb A Y
  Conner Martell Taylor Menezes S ??

Jan 19, 2017  – Here we are doing the Pre-Check.


We will start at 3 pm again this year.

Sample Instructions and General Instructions will be on this website this weekend.



JAN 5, 2017;  Out on the Route doing the mileages.  This is the first Control location :).


The Hollow Inn already has started to get reservations – and they were full last year.  Their phone number is:  802.479.9313.

QUESTION:  Would it help to start the rally at 4 pm (until 3 am) to help those people from out of state get to the start easier.  Please e-mail me what you think:  johnbuffum1@gmail.com.

DEC 21, 2016;  A NEW YEAR!! Two months to the 13th edition. I’m changing the philosophy this year. After putting on the trap (really trap) rally A Bridge Too Far it has satisfied my craving for a difficult event. So Winter Challenge in 2017 will be straightforward! No ‘onto’ traps; and redundant turns, etc. The General Instructions will be short – misc items as necessary – and necessary items spelled out. But if you’re conversant with Road Rallies, then there won’t be anything new. Signs will be easy to see (as always); there will still be instructions to follow but following them will be logical and straightforward. There will be a Map Section (as always) along with a slower Section in some daylight to begin and a Tulip Section at the end. Hope you can make it. Stay tuned here for updates and Merry Christmas!

RALLY OVER!! No snow but a great way to spend a Saturday night. The full results are up under RESULTS. Congrats to Satish Gopalkrishnan and Savera D’Souza!! A great job in winning (and catching that illusive sign). Also kudos to Scott Carlson and Phil LaMoreaux for winning Class S. Thanks to all for coming up and see you next year – or before – maybe at Scott Beliveau’s Frost Heaves Rally. Check it out on NER.ORG.scoring-jb-startscoring-jb-startscoring-jb-start