February 13, 2016

RALLY OVER!! No snow but a great way to spend a Saturday night. The full results are up under RESULTS. Congrats to Satish Gopalkrishnan and Savera D’Souza!! A great job in winning (and catching that illusive sign). Also kudos to Scott Carlson and Phil LaMoreaux for winning Class S. Thanks to all for coming up and see you next year – or before – maybe at Scott Beliveau’s Frost Heaves Rally. Check it out on NER.ORG.


Last entry list is up under ENTRY LIST {of all things :)}; slightly changed with new info received Monday.
Also the tech form is up under….(you guess). You could print it and fill most out in advance.
Finally if you plan the run the longer practice loop that starts in Barre at the Hollow Inn, you need to print it out from this site; if you wait for me to get to Barre on Sat, you may not have enough time.
I’ll have one more posting later this week with last minute info.


HELP. Can you please e-mail me updates. I could use the CO-DRIVER NAMES AND 2WD (if you are). Those whose Entry Form are not checked – you could e-mail me a copy of your form (for what ever reason I don’t have it). Those whose Fee I don’t have can pay at the rally. E-Mail: johnbuffum1@gmail.com. Thanks.

# Driver/Navigator Class(A.S) 2 WD(Yes) Entry Form(x) Fee(Pd)

1 Beliveau/Murdough A x 50
2 Choiniere/Maxwell A x 70
3 Colgan/Fielitz A x 70
4 Everett/Brodeur A x
5 Gopalkrishnan/D’Souza A Yes x
6 Matson/ A
7 Mazoway/Beyer A x
8 Regan/Beliveau A x 70
9 Siesicki/McKelvie A Yes
10 Smith/Beckman A x
11 Thomas/ A
12 Carlson/LaMoreaux S x 50
13 Baldi/Ames S x 50
14 Beliaev/Knight S Yes x 50
15 Kelly/Follett S x 50
16 Kuhner/ S x 50
17 Abide/Brolin S x 50
18 Alspaugh/Bennett S x 50
19 Praetorius/Roddy S x 50
20 Fouquette/Burtchell S x 70
21 Downey/Joncas S x 50
22 Dorman/Detota S x 70
23 Moody/Coble S x 50
24 Collins/Collins S Yes x 70
25 Eastman/ S
26 Kimsey/Cullen S Yes x 50
27 Jones/ S
28 DeSantis/Pascarella S x
29 Herbert/Herbert S x
30 Martell/Menezes S


As of Friday afternoon I have the following, in addition to those already mentioned below: Eastman/tba; Collins/Collins; Thomas/tba; Jones/tba; Abide/Brolin; Matson/tba; Beyer/Mazoway; Siesicki/McKelvie; DeSantis/Pascarella; Herbert/Herbert; Gopalkrishnan/D’Souza; Menezes/Martell. That’s a total of 29 so if there’s anyone not on the list, they need to e-mail me back by tomorrow, 2/5.
I also need some info from some of those above. The postman had a hard time delivering some of the letters, so maybe they got lost. I will post on this page Monday/Tuesday and tell you what I’d like to receive before the event – to make your job easier at the event. Pray for snow (there’s suppose to be some coming Tuesday)


Where is the snow ?? Might have a gravel/ice/snow rally.
New entries: Beliveau/Murdough; Dorman/Detota; Downey/Joncas; Fouquette/Burtchell; Praetorius/Roddy; Alspaugh/Bennet; Moody/Coble.
Keep watching this space; to come: Revised Info General; Practice Long Route around Barre; Final Entry List next Monday night.


Sitting at Sno*Drift Rally in Michigan. Plenty of snow here!
Small point: The Hollow Inn is not $55 anymore; $69. Sorry about that.
New entries posted next Monday night.


The following entries have been received:
Kelly/Follett; Kuhner/TBD; Carlson/LaMoreaux; Regan/Beliveau; Colgan/Fielitz; Baldi/Ames; Beliaev/Knight; Kimsey/Cullen; Choiniere/Maxwell; Smith/Beckman.


The GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS will be up on the web soon. A couple of other points:

1. The winners the last two years – Mark Stone and Marc Goldfarb – will be unable to attend this year. The door is open!
2. The route and calcs are done; overall it is more straight-forward this year. I must be getting soft in my old age🙂. It is similar to Covered Bridge, with the added sections of tulips and map.
3. I have added another Practice loop that encompasses a written instruction part followed by a longer map section. It starts and ends at the Hollow Inn and takes just over an hour to complete; 34 miles long.
4. The prices at the Hollow Inn are very reasonable; you might find if you’re coming from far away that 2 nights are what might cost you 1 night in other areas.



Practice Routes are now posted.
We had 2-6 ” snow last night🙂.
I removed the INFO GENERAL for now, as we are making one small change to match the other NER rallies. I will repost and show the new info in red.
Gary Thomas from Ithaca, who just put on a Finger Lakes Winter Rally, has a 4WD car with Timewise computer; he’s looking for a navigator. Gary.george.thomas@gmail.com.


Entry info is posted.  If you have questions or suggestions , you can e-mail me at:  johnbuffum1@gmail.com



Yes, Virginia, there is snow in Vermont!!  Out taking mileages.



12/20/2015 GOOD MORNING VIETNAM. Oh, sorry, that was just in a movie. Anyway we’re back for another year. Now all we need is snow! I’ve been out twice on the course so far and I have a couple of new items that I’ll explain later. Entries will be out just after Jan 1. Keep the date open!!