Jan 17, 2022: Upon consideration please see the new odometer rules for Classes:

Class S:   Distance measuring equipment is limited to stock odometer(s) in the stock location(s) and/or GPS – odometer ONLY.   Distance information must be visually acquired from a distance measuring device and must be manually entered into calculating equipment (if any).   You may use a GPS odometer, providing that device (APP) does not also internally do the calculations.

Jan 13, 2022:  The GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS are posted; also some general information.  Further on SAMPLE ROUTES there are 3 pages of sample route instructions.

Nov 25, 2021:  Most portions of the route have been recced;, including 3 great new sections of roads that I haven't used before.  I found them in the summer and I've confirmed with the towns that they plow the roads :).  They are awesome!

Basically it's the same format as the past.  It has a few small 'traps' in the first part; but is definitely easier than the Summer Challenge.  The second half is absolutely straightforward, and brisk in places.  The map section has you plotting your own route - past controls that have the mileage and time given.  Also one short section is a Straight Line map; a la Canada many years ago - and Michael Beliveau last month.

The entry info will be available here the first week of December; info on the Hollow Inn will be available at the same time.
Nov 15, 2021:  This year the rally will have some 'brisk' legs (approx. 6) that will have a slightly slower speed for some cars:  Drivers of 2WD cars (‘2WD”) and those driving 4WD cars who would like a more comfortable speed to maintain during the ‘brisk’ legs (‘4WD Slow”).  The Route instructions will be the exactly the same; only a few speeds will be reduced - approx. 5%.  Information from your phones will be merged into one scoring program in the end; all competitors will see their scores together for the WINTER CHALLENGE RALLY.

Scores for the 2WD and 4WD cars will remain as scored by Richta; scores for ‘4WD Slow’ cars will be adjusted as follows:  Scores on those brisk legs will be multiplied by 1.5 (for scores under 20 seconds) and 1.2 (for scores 20 seconds or more) at any control.

In the end there is one WINTER CHALLENGE RALLY.  However, on your phone there will be 2 rallies to enter in “Richta Competitor” APP:  Winter Challenge 2WD which includes ‘4WD Slow’ and Winter Challenge 4WD. 

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