Jan 9, 2021:  Current Entry List posted under ENTRY INFO..

Jan 3, 2021:  I have received 4 entries:  Poor, Smith, Piscitello, Stone.  Also 9 requests for rooms:  Wright, Gopalkrishnan, Jones, Goldfarb, Wacker, Melim, Jezard, Hayes, Piscitello.  I’m going out on the rally tomorrow – I’ll send a photo.  For now I’ll leave you with this one from near the second rest break:

Live or die

Dec 19, 2021:  A couple of small points:  1.  Anyone interested in rooming should contact me, not the hotel.  2.  The short “Richta Rally” will take 1/2 hour; it could be done anytime before 3:30 – the route info will be on the website before the event.  3.  As more and more posts are done, I will keep the important ones in larger print – I will minimize some others – and the unimportant ones I will delete.

Dec 15, 2020:  I just received the first two entries!  I will post a new entry list about every 10 days.  I also want to say at this time that we will keep the rally as safe as possible considering Covid.  There will be a short interaction to ‘sign in’; and then later to get the RI’s and confirm Richta app.  These should be only 1 minute each.  In the headquarters room we will only allow two teams at a time, separated in different corners.  No drivers’ meeting – if you have a question email me or set up a place and time to individually talk before the start of the event.  Most all controls are GPS.  We want to be safe and still enjoy ourselves!

Aug 4, 2020:  Here are the Results from the SUMMER – posted under RESULTS.

Congratulations to L. Mark Stone and Marc Goldfarb for winning (again!).  Good job.  Really close for the top 3; they all got ‘caught’ a couple of times by the difficult instructions.  And Congrats to Steven McLafferty and Pauline Lambert for winning Class S.  Again a close battle for the top spot.

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