March 15, 2021:  I’ve picked a date for the SUMMER CHALLENGE RALLY – JUNE 19.  It will start again as last year – at Exit 4 of I 89 in Randolph, VT.;  10 am to 5 pm, running south and east to White River Jct and then back.   More info will be available on this web site as we go along; perhaps Entry info on May 1.

Mar 2, 2021:  The RESULTS are posted; you’ll see what the colors mean from the legend on the bottom.   A couple of comments:  In the end, the slight snowfall made the roads just the right amount of slippery.  Perennial winners L.Mark Stone and Marc Goldfarb  were 4th after the first section; but as often happens ‘it ain’t over till it’s over’.  The other top Class A cars all made the mistake of leaving a Free Zone too early and paid the price.  So again the winners were Stone and Goldfarb!  Good job of hanging in.  Let me say at this point that Dan Praetorius and Colin Roddy, in Class S, finished 2nd Overall – and would have won if the worst control wasn’t thrown out for all competitors!  A really fine performance.  The Richta system of scoring seemed to work well – and I’m sure we’ll see it more and more in the future.  Any comments concerning the format of the event for the future are always welcome.  Thanks to all for competing.  See the overall route map below.

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