Mar 24, 2023: The Entry info is posted.

Mar 13, 2023: I went out today to start the first survey. I plan routes at home using county type maps and then see how they really look when I drive around; usually 3 to 4 times over the course.

I have an idea of the ‘difficult instructions’ that I might want to use. It’s actually finding spots on the course to use them. This time you’ll be pleased (or not) to know I found some. 🙂

Mar 9, 2023: Yes, we will do a Summer Challenge Rally on May 20 starting at Exit 4 of I-89 in Randolph, Vermont. More info here as time goes on.

Mar 1, 2023: Email sent to all competitors from WC and SC the last 2 years. Please report back before March 10 about your interest in attending. SUMMER CHAALENGE May 20, ….possibly.

Feb 20, 2023: Over. All good. Scores are posted.

Nice event. Just no snow. Maybe next year. A few ruts but reasonable. Great scores at the head of the field! Look at the number of zero’s. The best of the best was obviously Paul and Ralph. What a great job!

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