April 28, 2021:  The ENTRY INFO is posted.  I’ll be putting up more info here as we go along.

April 22, 2021:  I’ve been out on the course a couple of times.  It’s a nice new area – South and East of Randolph.  There’s a few really good stretches of twisty roads over the Vermont hills.  It’s also a nice change from the Winter Challenge (and the Seacoast Scramble) – it’s during the day so you can see the countryside – and maybe see the control locations :)!  The Entry info will be up on this site next week.

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March 15, 2021:  I’ve picked a date for the SUMMER CHALLENGE RALLY – JUNE 19.  It will start again as last year – at Exit 4 of I 89 in Randolph, VT.;  10 am to 5 pm, running south and east to White River Jct and then back.   More info will be available on this web site as we go along; perhaps Entry info on May 1.

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